Do I look like Dr Doolittle or something???

Wow, this whole “dehydration” thing has really got out of hand. It hasn’t stopped raining up here since I mentioned my little bout of dehydration so now I am in a constant state of pruny-ness….(you know, like when like when you spend too long in the pool).

This is the path where I normally cross Albany Creek on my daily commute to Redkite:

But this is what I was faced with in that same spot this morning:

So it was either this (taking the “Sea” to Summit concept way too far I think):

Or take a different route into town, because with only 3 weeks to go to S2S missing a day’s training is NOT an option!

Dr Doolittle to the rescue…again!!

What is it with animals and roads??? First it was the koala, then the snake, then giant earth worms (though I confess that I didn’t rescue them)…now its “Muttley” J

My change of route had a silver lining. Because of the change I was in the right place at the right time to rescue “Muttley” a beautiful old dog who was lost and literally wondering in amongst heavy traffic on the main highway at rush hour! He was looking very lost and worried (I had my camera with me because I knew I’d be photographing the flood water. I didn’t expect to be photographing a stray dog too)  

Muttley: (cute isn’t he)

His owner was unable to come and get him but was very happy that he had been found, so Muttley and I went for the ride back to his home (a couple of k away from where I found him!!)

 Training is going well, but rapidly drawing to a close:

 I have hit the “10kgs lost” mark so am pretty happy about that!!!!!! I’m down from 86kg to 76kg. I won’t make 72 by event day, but 73 is still possible.

 On Saturday I headed towards Mt Glorious to do repeats of the mountain, but it was raining (of course) and the sky in the distance was BLACK! I have to confess that I piked. It must have looked a bit strange if anyone was watching me; I was heading South towards Mt Glorious, decided to that I couldn’t face the Mountain roads in the wet slippery conditions, turned around and headed North. Then I talked myself back into doing Mt Glorious so turned around and headed south again….then saw how black it looked, lost my nerve and turned around and headed North again  . Anyway, in the end I headed north and joined up with the Redcliffe Tri Club for a 140k club ride instead. It was fast but flat (not a mountain in sight) so next weekend I must do the mountains even if it is pouring.

 Please don’t forget the fundraising link. I’d really appreciate any promotion you can do for this, don’t forget to ask people to donate against my name if they are happy to do that:

 Talk again soon



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