God / Mother Nature has a sense of humour

Hi All,

Last week I made the mistake of having a bit of a whinge about how difficult it is to keep hydrated on the long, hot, humid mountain rides in Qld.

Well…God / Mother Nature demonstrated a hilarious sense of humour by ensuring that I had no such problem this week…it poured on me for most of my 127k mountain ride this week. OK…I GET IT…POINT TAKEN…I definitely won’t whinge again; I now know that I prefer to be hot and sweaty rather than soaking wet, cold, and chaffed (oops probably too much info again…sorry).

None the less it was a beautiful ride this weekend. I did both sides of Mt Mee twice. Mt Mee is a bit like Mt Glorious in that it has a longer “moderate” side and a shorter “steep” side (15%). The steep side is not as bad as the Beloka Range on the S2S route, but is still a hard ride and good training for Beloka. The total ride was 127k with just under 2300m climbing. Due to the rain I only saw 5 other cyclists for the entire ride (last week there were dozens of cyclists on MT Mee), but I have to say that towards the end, when the rain stopped it was beautiful. So much wild life (kangaroos, king parrots, rosellas, wrens, black cockatoos, giant earth worms…I’m not kidding…they are about as thick as your thumb and 30 – 40cm long, but they apparently don’t last long on the road), not to mention the cows, calves, sheep, lambs, goats, kids horses, lamas and beautiful countryside.

This is the elevation profile for this week’s ride back and forth between Dayboro Pub and D’Aguilar Pub (with NO stops for that kind of drink of course):

Unbelievably it is now only 4 weeks to the actual S2S ride, so thankyou for your ongoing support and please keep promoting the ride and the donation page to your contacts http://www.everydayhero.com.au/sea_2_summit_challenge_2010

I’ve now lost 9kg since training started, so am still on track for 73 or 72 kg by ride day. 

Talk soon



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