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God / Mother Nature has a sense of humour

February 23, 2010

Hi All,

Last week I made the mistake of having a bit of a whinge about how difficult it is to keep hydrated on the long, hot, humid mountain rides in Qld.

Well…God / Mother Nature demonstrated a hilarious sense of humour by ensuring that I had no such problem this week…it poured on me for most of my 127k mountain ride this week. OK…I GET IT…POINT TAKEN…I definitely won’t whinge again; I now know that I prefer to be hot and sweaty rather than soaking wet, cold, and chaffed (oops probably too much info again…sorry).

None the less it was a beautiful ride this weekend. I did both sides of Mt Mee twice. Mt Mee is a bit like Mt Glorious in that it has a longer “moderate” side and a shorter “steep” side (15%). The steep side is not as bad as the Beloka Range on the S2S route, but is still a hard ride and good training for Beloka. The total ride was 127k with just under 2300m climbing. Due to the rain I only saw 5 other cyclists for the entire ride (last week there were dozens of cyclists on MT Mee), but I have to say that towards the end, when the rain stopped it was beautiful. So much wild life (kangaroos, king parrots, rosellas, wrens, black cockatoos, giant earth worms…I’m not kidding…they are about as thick as your thumb and 30 – 40cm long, but they apparently don’t last long on the road), not to mention the cows, calves, sheep, lambs, goats, kids horses, lamas and beautiful countryside.

This is the elevation profile for this week’s ride back and forth between Dayboro Pub and D’Aguilar Pub (with NO stops for that kind of drink of course):

Unbelievably it is now only 4 weeks to the actual S2S ride, so thankyou for your ongoing support and please keep promoting the ride and the donation page to your contacts

I’ve now lost 9kg since training started, so am still on track for 73 or 72 kg by ride day. 

Talk soon



Tim’s Training Blog 15th Feb 2010…..(Probably best not to be eating and definitely not drinking when you read this one)

February 17, 2010

Hi all

Did you pay attention to the warning above???

A “short” but “to the point” blog this week.

I am back to being scared about S2S again…will I be fit enough? Will I have lost enough weight??

To allay my fears as best as possible I have been putting in the hard yards in the local mountains each weekend. Since the last blog I have done Mt Nebo and Glorious again (last weekend) and on Saturday I did a relatively short ride (65k) but with heaps of climbing, ie I drove out to MT Mee with the bike in a trailer then rode up and down MT Mee 5 times giving me 1734m of climbing. It gave me this ridiculous looking up-down-up-down-up-down-up-down-up-down elevation profile of the ride:

One big challenge lately has been that in Qld in the middle of summer it is not only ridiculously hot it is also insanely humid, so keeping up the hydration during the harder and longer Mountain training rides is critical. I sweat like a pig to put it bluntly.

How hard has it been to stay well hydrated? Here is an example (all based in good science of course);

Last weekend I weighed my self when I arrived home from my ride and I was 3 kg lighter than when I left home  . That is in spite of having drunk 5 x 800 mil bottles of staminade during the ride!!!

Almost all of that weight loss is hydration loss (yep sweat)…. And if you do the maths it means that I sweated a lot…how much exactly???

Get the picture??? SEVEN one-litre bottles of sweat EEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!! That is disgusting (I warned you not to be eating or drinking when you read this) but YEP that is what mountain riding in Qld does to you in summer.

However, the good news is that I am definitely getting fitter all the time, and the weight loss is on track for my riding-weight-target (or close to it) by S2S day: I have now lost 8kg since starting training in November (that is a proper & fully hydrated weight…not what I weighed after the weekend ride).

Thanks again to every one who has supported me. Please remember to spread the word and ask people to donate against my name at this link:

We have raised over $20,000 but I have really dropped behind so any help you can muster from your contacts would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes and we’ll talk again soon


Tim’s Training Blog 3rd Feb. I did a “S 1 S” and …”Crikey”; I even wrestled a snake!!

February 4, 2010

Hi All

 Well it is all getting terribly serious now with the big S2Sevent approaching rapidly!

 The big stories since my last update are:

I did 3 mountain rides in 8 days including a ride that was pretty much a half-Sea-To-Summit (hence an “S1S” 😐  ).

  1. Mountain ride one was last Saturday 23rd Jan

2. Mountain ride 2 was Australia Day 26th Jan

3. Mountain ride 3 was Saturday 30 Jan

  • 120k (Mt Glorious twice and Mt Nebo)
  • 2030m vertical gain including a huge bit of very steep climbing which is similar to the dreaded Beloka Range part of S2S (you can see it below, it is the nearly vertical bit in the middle of the elevation profile)

Those plus my shorter rides gave me a total of just under 400k for the 8 day period.

Another Wildlife Adventure…,  

When I am on my training rides I’m trying to channel Sir Hubert “Oppy” Opperman an amazing Australian endurance rider of years past

 but CRIKEY… this bloke :

keeps breaking through instead! (not that that is a bad thing)…

On the first mountain ride of the week, there was a big snake sunning itself on the road half way up Mt Glorious, complete with a couple of other cyclists just standing looking at it. I couldn’t leave it there to be squashed by a car so I gave it a bit of a nudge but it didn’t seem interested in moving so I had to grab the silly thing and carry it off the road. I think the other guys thought I was a bit weird…but I’ve never been able to resist doing a Steve Irwin impersonation and grabbing snakes when the opportunity presents itself (so long as I am confident that it isn’t a poisonous one!!!). Needless to say I didn’t have a camera with me at the time, but here is a photo of a slightly smaller snake that I prepared earlier! (I caught in our chook house one night, so I had a good excuse to wrestle with it J. NB the snake was released into the bush unharmed after it had smiled for the camera).

Anyway, following on from last weeks’ koala encounter, it seems that S2S is having the beneficial side effect of saving a few of our native animals from untimely deaths on our roads. 

I’ve lost 6kg so far…and 6 or 8 to go…

The motivation to lose weight is high now that I am actually mountain riding. Every kg I lose will be worth its weight in gold on the climb…if only it was worth its weight in gold in the fundrasing (at the current price, 6kg of gold = $242,641.92). Of course I am totally open to anyone who wants to sponsor my weight loss as part of the fundrasing. Don’t forget the fundraising link

Ok so my next long ride will hopefully be a 150k ride with over 2000m of climbing next weekend.

Talk again soon.