Chased by a Bear!! Cycle Commuted to Sydney. Did a three-peat of Mt Mee (and its my 27th anniversary today!)

22 January, 2010


Such is my urgency about the need to train seriously, that when I needed to go to Sydney for Wednesday and Thursday last week, I wasn’t game to take the two days off the bike. So I commuted to Sydney by bike!

Well…kind of…I put the trailer on the back of the bike tossed in a couple of days change of clothes, rode to the Redkite Brisbane office, showered changed and  then took the train to the airport. Then the next day I did it in reverse, flew back to Brisbane, caught the train to the office, tossed the overnight bag back into the trailer and rode home. It was actually pretty good training, pulling the load was a bit like hill training J.

 My commuter and trailer loaded and in the Redkite office:

 That is actually the Mountain Bike that I use for the gravel part of the S2S ride (I just change the tyres to “knobbies” instead of the slicks that I commute on). I’ve done 18000 k on that bike as of this morning (18002 to be exact)


Else where on the training front the sense of urgency was also very obvious.

The normal approach to longer distance hill training is to increase the distance by a maximum of about 10% per week. Well let’s face it, that is never going to work for me…there just isn’t enough time to build up that slowly!

So I increased my long training ride this week by 120% in terms of distance (90k) and 70% in terms of meters of vertical gain (1678m of climbing). It was made up of 3 times up and down Mt Mee, plus riding out there and back from my home.

Elevation profile of the ride:


 The Bear story is almost true, except it wasn’t a…

It was a…


 I am lucky enough to live in a koala area (that photo was actually taken in my front yard a while back)

but the down side of that is that you occasionally see dead ones on the road.

This week on my commute home Monday afternoon, one was trying to cross the highway in busy traffic. Luckily the car in front of me saw it and swerved, so I was able to get in front of the Koala on my bike then heard him off the road through a field and up a tree!!

Ok, so I chased the “bear” it didn’t chase me…at least it had a happy ending J


How lucky am I. So I’ll be commuting home a bit early today as Trace and I are going out for a celebratory dinner.

Mt Glorious & Mt Nebo are my targets for my long ride this weekend

Talk again next week



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