Tim’s Training Blog; Week 3, Day 2 (NB…1. this is mildly inappropriate -so I apologise in advance and 2. these blogs are prepared outside of work hours!!!)

Tuesday, 1 December 2009 4:31 PM

Hi Everyone

Well another week into the training and its going pretty well…though not without some challenges in the past week.

In particular; while at the Sydney Redkite Supporter’s-Party-after-Party I decided to explore the impact of alcohol consumption on pre-training hydration. Well, lets just say that in spite of remaining within Redkite’s RSA policy, I ended up quite well hydrated. Strangely it did not help my fitness nor weight-loss targets, so I had to be SUPER good in the latter part of the week to compensate!

At the same event there was also some brainstorming around potential fundraising methods that would have the allegedly “beneficial” side effect of adding to the “professional cyclist image” that I am attempting to cultivate.

On first impression that sounds as if people were trying to be helpful, however it basically boiled down to suggestions related to me having my leg hair ripped out by the roots with hot wax (that is barbaric!!). I am no longer entirely sure that some of the Sydney women are actually on my side!? I was particularly concerned by the direction that the suggestions took from there, but suffice to say that if I end up bald and beardless I’d better make a fortune for Redkite AND, even though Heather made an articulate case and an impassioned plea for me to “do it for the kids”…I won’t be taking it quite as far as she suggested; not for all the money in the world. (What is this “First Float on the Mardi Gras” thing that she kept referring to?? We don’t have that up here in Qld…)

 Besides I don’t see what is wrong with my leg hair just as it is:hairy

Beth tried to tell me I’d be more aerodynamic if I waxed my legs like the professional cyclists do! How gullible do you think I am Beth? (Though obviously if Sandy had told me that, I would have believed her). I’ve now done my research and it turns out that “aerodynamics” is only why 1% of cyclists shave. The main reason blokes who cycle shave their legs is a combination of “aesthetics”, plus fitting in with the other cyclists plus advertising that they are cyclists to the rest of the world (total of 61%).

 So basically that means that they do it so they will have smooth sexy looking legs to flash at pedestrians as they roll past, while hanging out with their mates dressed in body-hugging, flamboyantly coloured clothing…Interesting…I wonder what Trace would say about that??..(Oh …”Mardi Gras”…now I get it!!) 

Well, that certainly sounds like my scene so I might be prepared to go there if there is enough money involved…at least to shave them; waxing sounds way too scary (yes yes I know that most of you reading this have put yourself through worse things in pursuit of aesthetics -not you Geoff – oh possibly not you either Jarred ??).

 SO…now I need to do some market research. What are my legs worth? I need suggestions for what people think that I should try to sell the following off for…then I will think about it for a while…then if I don’t chicken out I’ll put them up for sale and see if I get the asking price. (NB by participating in this research you are not obliged to actually make an offer when I go on sale…this is just research at this stage)

 Leg shave          $

Leg wax            $          (this needs to be LOTS more money than the shave)

Beard shave      $

Mo shave          $

Head shave       $

The lot             $          (lets be absolutely clear “The Lot” means “All of the Above” NOT what Heather was suggesting)

 Anyway: training outcomes for the past week:

In spite of the Supporters Party and the related 3 days off the bike due to interstate travel I continued to:

  1. Not Die                         Hurray!!
  2. Lose weight:                 Lost another kilo (down to 84kg)
  3. Extend distance:            Now up to 29.5km per day
  4. Extend time                   now up to 70 mins per day


My big achievement for the week was that yesterday I got back into riding to work as the core of my training. (Thankfully with the commuting as my training it means that the long rides aren’t a huge loss of time in the day because it takes about 45 mins for me to get to work on the train, so the bike is only a 25 min difference) 

 My aim for this week is to just do the one-way commute each day then start commuting in both directions by the start of next week, (which will have me at just under 60k per day riding).

 Talk with you next week



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