Tim’s Sea 2 Summit training update (including photographic evidence that S2S, 2010 is the culmination of a 40 year cycling “career” LOL)

Monday, 23 November 2009 1:57 PM

My parents are moving into a retirement village and in the process of a bit of packing this photo surfaced.

Yep; that is me aged about 11 or 12 in 1970 or 1971 on my single speed “Supreme”!

I got the bike in 1969 and absolutely fell in love with the freedom of cycling around the local area with friends, so I’ve been riding for 40years… Ok, ok its hardly a “cycling career” but if you haven’t realised that the “truth” is going to be severely stretched in these updates yet, then you are WAY TOO TRUSTING.

AND; how cool did I think I was with that denim jacket and jeans & boots!!

Super brief report of training outcomes for the week;

  • I didn’t die (which was the main aim)
  • I managed to lose just over one kilo in weight
  • I stuck with the plan (ie riding pretty slowly and just extending the time on the bike by a few minutes each day). So got my riding up to 49 mins and 20km this morning.


The aim for the coming week:

  • to lose more weight,
  • continue to extend my daily ride time (aiming to get up to about 1 hour 15mins by this time next week), but don’t increase the pace yet.


Intended outcome:

This week should prepare me to start commuting to work as my main daily training next week. It is sooooo much better use of time to combine commuting with training instead of doing what I’m doing at the moment ie blowing time on training and yet still having to catch the train to work. It is a 30k trip to the office from home so I’ll start with riding one way and catching the train the other way for a week or so then get up to doing the two way commute daily which gives me about 300k a week on weeks that I don’t have to be interstate and can ride all 5 days. Well that is the plan anyway!

Talk again next week



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