OMG !!! Sea 2 Summit training begins

Sent: Monday, 16 November 2009 10:03 AM

Hi All

The great news is that Sea 2 Summit is on again and I am privileged to represent Redkite on the Ride. It is a fantastic event, and as Damien describes it “an epic ride from Sea Level to the top of Australia in a day”. The bad news is that it is in 18 weeks time (March 20th, 2010) and I am fat and unfit L.

I am really hoping to have everyone’s support to get sponsorship from far and wide so I can exceed my fundraising effort of 2008 and help make S2S another huge success for Redkite ($100,000 raised in 2008). So to get you engaged and motivated (or feeling sorry for me…or laughing at my expense…or whatever else will get the money rolling in) I thought I’d “share the pain” and do a bit of a weekly “training update”. It’ll hurt ME…but from the comfort of your computer you can join me in what will hopefully be a successful transformation from fat 50 year old bloke to sleek 72kg mountain cyclist (or at least the best impersonation of that I can achieve!!).

Let’s face it; no one wants me looking like this when I ride into town:

Today is day one of week one. My next update will be day one of week two.


  • This time last year (almost to the day) I was fit and healthy, weighed about 73kg, was cycling an average of 350k per week, AND I had just completed S2S 2008 (it was on 15th Nov 2008). I was pretty happy with myself.
  • Today I am 13kgs heavier, haven’t cycled for about 6 months, am one month short of my 50th birthday and feeling every day of it


  • Today is day one of S2S 2010 training


  • Mountain road cycling is all about
  1. power : weight ratio (be light but be strong)
  2. endurance
  3. the love of riding up mountains (Lance was right; its not about the bike!!)
  • Starting slowly is better than having a heart attack and dying…I am a big fan of not doing the latter, so I’ll be building up slowly (though I cannot afford to build too slowly with only 18weeks to go)

To state the obvious, right now the “power to weight ratio” is not looking good, nor is the endurance, but luckily I love cycling in the mountains. (1 out of 3 is better than nothing!)


  • Power : weight ratio: My ideal mountain climbing weight is probably about 70kg…but I’d be happy to get back to 73 or 72k for S2S 2010, so my target weight: 72kg.
  • Endurance: Target: I must get back to 350 k per week of riding including at least one 100k ride in the mountains each weekend
  • Love of cycling, especially in the mountains: Woo hooooo I’ve achieved my first target goal…that wasn’t so hard

So down to action (ok ok… “action” is a bit of an exaggeration given today’s effort)

Day One of training:

Being very aware of the benefit of not having a heart attack and dying, I just aimed to do a gentle, 20 minute, 7.5 k ride.

Hopped on the bike this morning…OMG the next few weeks are going to hurt!!! Ouch…forgot I had that muscle….OMG and that one…oh my knee…puff pant groan…

This week I’ll just aim to increase my rides by 3 or 4 minutes per day so I am up to about 40 mins by this time next week, AND the pace will be slow slow slow (remember the main goal is not to die…or wreck my knee joints for that matter).

The other big goal for the week is to get serious about losing weight…dragging an extra 14kg around with me is just dumb.

I’ll update you on progress next Monday.

Thanks for reading (if you did 🙂 )



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